Duties of the College and University Trustees

With some variation of wording and in duties, language contained in enabling statutes of college and university generally empower trustees to:

  • Organize the institution.
  • Appoint a corps of faculty and officers as the interest of the college may require.
  • Remove any such instructors or other officers.
  • Fix salaries or compensation, and increase or reduce the same at its discretion.
  • Regulate, alter, or modify the government of the university as it may deem advisable.
  • Prescribe courses of instruction.
  • Determine rates of tuition and fees.
  • Confer such academic and honorary degrees as are usually conferred by institutions of similar character.
  • Do whatever else it may deem best for promoting the interest of the university.
  • Hold, lease, sell or in any other manner not inconsistent with the object or terms of the grant or grants under which it holds, dispose of any property, real or personal, or any estate or interest therein, as to it may seem best for the purposes of the institution, and sales of property, real or personal.
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