Administrative Procedures Proposed Amendments

300-4-13 (Re)Engage Alabama Grant Program


300.4.4-.02 Certification Approval
300-4-4-.02 Definition Of Terms
300-4-4-.04 Certification Approval
300-4-4-.04 Awarding Procedures
300-4-4-.05 Certification Approval
300-4-4-.05 Disbursement Of Funds
300-4-4-.07 Certification Approval
300-4-4-.07 Maintenance Of Records

Program Review
300-2-1-.02 Review and Approval…State Authorization
300-2-1-.10 Distance Education

300-2-1-.03 Certification Approval
300-2-1-.03 Evaluation and Review of New Instructional Program Proposals of Public Postsecondary Institutions
300-2-1-.04 Certification Approval
300-2-1.04 Operational Policy on the Approval, Disapproval, Deferral, and Withdrawal of New Programs of Instruction
300-2-1-.11 Certification Approval
300-2-1.11 Evaluation of Changes to Instructional Role and Academic Units

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