Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Completion Portal

The Free Application to Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion portal is a web tool for educators to determine whether or not their students have completed the FAFSA. The portal is freely available to any public or private school system that signs a use agreement ( with the Commission. When completing the agreement, the system’s superintendent designates who may access the system’s student records and the level of access. Staff at the commission will then create and provide accounts to the system’s educators.

For more information about the portal, visit the website:


FAFSA FAQ Questions

In an email to , provide your name, your district, and school.  A staff member will create a new password for you and provide it to you via email.

In an email to , provide the student’s full name, the name of the district, and the name of the school.  Then, a staff member will investigate the situation and notify you of the findings.

Yes, your career coach or counselor may be able to help you to complete the FAFSA.  Also, the not-for-profit organization Alabama Possible has a program called Alabama Goes to College (Alabama Goes to College – Alabama Possible) that provides assistance with FAFSA completion.

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