The Academic Program Inventory (The inventory is updated after each Commission meeting)

Academic Program Inventory General Description

  • List of all instructional programs approved by the Alabama commission on Higher Education (Commission) in Alabama public colleges and universities (four-year and two-year).
  • Updated after each Commission meeting.
  • The inventory is organized by Institution and Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code.
  • Certificate programs are not listed in the university program inventory, and only long certificates (30-60 sh) are listed in the two-year inventories.
  • Programs in the inventory are classified according to the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) taxonomy, a classification system developed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). This facilitates a comparison of information not only among institutions in the State but also nationwide. For more information on the CIP taxonomy: 2020 CIP Taxonomy. 
  • For information on accreditation of any program, you should contact the accrediting body or institution directly.
  • The status column indicates whether a program is active, approved but not yet matriculating students, or inactive, as follows:
    • “No entry” – the program is active and matriculating students. o “Approved” – approval date by the Commission appears in the status column but not yet matriculating students. 
    • “Inactive” – inactive date by the Commission appears in the status column and no new students are being admitted to the program.
      • The institution has five years from this date to reinstate the program by providing evidence that the program has adequate resources and student demand to support reinstatement.
      • If not reinstated within five years, the program will be removed from the Commission’s inventory.  Once removed, the program cannot be added back to the inventory without undergoing the normal new program review process.    Teacher certification programs (B, A, AA) as approved by the State Department of Education are not listed in the Commission’s academic program inventory.  
    • For a current inventory of those programs, contact the Alabama State Department of Education, Teacher Education Section (334-242-9935).
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