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The forum page informs the public of new and important issues concerning higher education in Alabama.  We welcome your review and comments. Comments will be accepted for each item listed for 20 calendar days from the date of posting.
Proposed Updates to ACHE Administrative Procedures
300-2-1-.06 Extensions & Alterations of Existing Programs of Instruction Replacement Approval
Instructions: Click the description of an item below to view a document that describes the item in detail. The information can be sorted by clicking the column header. Please contact to express your opinion on any item to ACHE.
Institution CIP Title Award Date Posted
ASU 43.0104 Criminal Justice MSCJ 03/22/2024
ATSU 50.1099 Music Industry Studies BA 03/22/2024
TROY 45.0401 Criminology PhD 03/22/2024
UAB 11.0102 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine MS 03/22/2024
UM 13.1001 Special Education (K-6) MEd 03/22/2024
UM 13.1001 Special Education (6-12) MEd 03/22/2024
USA 3.0103  Environment and Society PhD 03/22/2024
BEV 15.0612 Facility Maintenance Technician AAS 03/22/2024
CAL 44.0701 Social Work Technician AAS 03/22/2024
CAL 47.0607 Aviation Airframe Technology AAS 03/22/2024
CAL 47.0608 Aviation Powerplant Technology AAS 03/22/2024
ENT 47.0604 Automotive Technology AAS/CERT 03/22/2024
ENT 48.0508 Welding AAS/CERT 03/22/2024
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