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The forum page informs the public of new and important issues concerning higher education in Alabama.  We welcome your review and comments. Comments will be accepted for each item listed for 20 calendar days from the date of posting.
Proposed Updates to ACHE Administrative Procedures
300-4-4-.02 Definition Of Terms
300-4-4-.04 Awarding Procedures
300-4-4-.05 Disbursement Of Funds
300-4-4-.07 Maintenance Of Records
300-2-1-.03 (Evaluation & Review of New Instructional Programs Proposals of Public Postsecondary Institutions)
300-2-1-.04 (Operational Policy on the Approval, Disapproval, Deferral, and Withdrawal of New Programs of Instruction)
300-2-1-.11 (Evaluation of Changes to Instructional Role and Academic Units)
*For preliminary consideration*
Admin Code 300-2-1.02 Packet
Admin Code 300-2-1.10 Packet
Instructions: Click the description of an item below to view a document that describes the item in detail. The information can be sorted by clicking the column header. Please contact to express your opinion on any item to ACHE.
Institution CIP Title Award Date Posted
ATSU 52.1401 Digital Marketing and Analytics BS 07/11/2023
AU 51.2010 Drug and Pharmaceutical Sciences BS 07/11/2023
AUM 26.0210 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology MS 07/11/2023
TROY N/A Role Change to Doctoral Granting N/A 07/11/2023
TROY 52.0701 Business Design MBA 07/11/2023
UA 51.3801 Master’s Entry to the Profession of Nursing MSN 07/11/2023
UAB 51.0722 Healthcare Innovation MS 07/11/2023
UM 13.0401 Educational Leadership EDD 07/11/2023
UNA 44.0701 Social Work DSW 07/11/2023
UNA 14.0101 Engineering BENG 07/11/2023
UNA 15.0701 Occupational Safety and Health Management MS 07/11/2023
UNA 52.1001 Human Resource Management BBA 07/11/2023
UNA 13.0501 Instructional Technology and Design BS 07/11/2023
SND 15.0501 HVACR Technology AAS/CER/STC 07/11/2023
SND 48.0501 Machine Tool Technology AAS/CER/STC 07/11/2023
WSS 15.0613 Modern Manufacturing AAS/CER 07/11/2023
AU 52.0201 Business Administration—Finance Option—Substantive Modification MS 08/02/2023
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